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                Shaneomac's Bio

Shaneomac has lived on planet Vegeta for 5 years. It was before the planet exploded. When Frieza came to destroy planet Vegeta, Camoenahs putted Shaneomac in a space pod, but because Shaneomac wasnt old,  he played with some buttons and took off.                                                                

After 3 months of hunger and thirst, he arrived on planet Crinebash. The people there likes to murder others,  so Shaneomac was raised to be an evil Saiya-Jin that would  rule the universe sometime 

now, he starts searching for his parents that found him, hoping they're still alive. Shaneomac joined a clan, named Cobra Sect, to show everyone that he can cause lots of trouble. He also tries to become a SSJ, but haven't got luck yet but he learned not to give up, so he wont and keep on trying.
He got a vision of himself while meditating. he will go SSJ real soon