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                                                   Goku    VS   Piccolo

Both fighters are standing to look at each other. Then Piccolo put his finger on his forehead and concentrate energy. He fires the Beam cannon to Goku, but Goku was to quick and jumped away. Goku holds his hands behind his back and shouts [KAMEHAMEHAAA]. The beam flew to Piccolo and hits him. Piccolo bashed into the ground, but still isn't defeated. He stands up and ran to Goku. He's trying to smash and hit him, but missed all of his hits. Then, Goku smashed Piccolo in his stomache and Piccolo fell down on his knees. Goku says [it's over] he grabbed Piccolo, flew up and throws him down. Piccolo bashed in the ground again, but this time he fainted.

                                                                   The Winner is... Goku

Goku recieved 1.000 exp for this