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                                              Goku   VS    Tien

Tien flew to Goku and kicked him in his stomache. Goku fell on his knees. Tien landed and prepared a Tri-Blast. He fires the blast to Goku. The blast hits Goku and he fell back on the ground. Tien flew towards Goku and starts to punch him in his stomache. He grabbed to Goku and throws him toward a mountain. Goku bashed into it. Tien shouts [KAO-KEN ATTACK TIMES 2!!!!!!!!!] His powerlevel rose and then he prepared another Tri-Blast. He fires the blast toward the mountain where Goku bashed into. A huge explosion came. After the smoke was away, Tien saw Goku fainted on the ground.

                                                          The winner is...  Tien