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                                                    Chao-Zu    VS     Krillin

Krillin ran towards Chao-zu and trys to hit him, but chao-zu is to fast. Chao-zu gets enough of dodging all of those attacks and kicked Krillin away. Chao-zu fires an energy beam towards krillin, but krillin managed to dodge him. Krillin put his hand in the air and made a Destructo Disc. He throws it to Chao-zu, but chao-zu dodged him. chao-zu starts to make a big energy bomb. Krillin didn't saw it coming and when the bomb was ready, chao-zu throws it and the bomb hits Krillin. Krillin lays wounded on the ground and can't fight any more. 

                                                                The winner is...  Chao-Zu