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                                                Tien         Vs        Chao-Zu

Chao-zu flew up and fires an energy beam at Tien. Tien dodged the Energy beam and one back. Chao-Zu dodged it too. Then Tien heard [ENERGY BOMB!!!!!!!]. A huge bomb of energy of flew to Tien. Tien was a little late of dodging it and the Bomb hits Tien hard. Tien fell wounded on the ground. He stands up and shouts [KAO-KEN ATTACK TIMES 2!!!!!!!!]. Chao-zu flew towards him and tried to kick him. Suddenly Tien ran behind Chao-zu and kicked him on the ground. He starts to collect all of his energy and fires a Tri-Blast on Chao-zu. The blast hits Chao-zu and did much damage. Then Chao-zu fainted.

                                                                  The winner is...  Tien